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Fake Or Real British Dragon Cypionate 25ml With Pictures Page 2 . I Got 10ml Cyp BD And Andropen 275 BD Both Form My Boy The Have ...

Ran Sustanon with Decca and absolutely loved it. Thought I would try something a ... BD 25ml Andropen 275 ?? BD 25ml Andropen 275 ??

I got some bd gear both 25ml bottles 1 andropen 275, 1 stanoil stanazolol 100mg , ive spent alot of time looking this stuff up wondering if this is

Boldabol (Boldenone Undecylenate) BoldoJect (Boldenone Undecylenate) ... Andropen 275 - 1 Vial x 10 ml Package: 1 Vial x 10 ml [275mg/ml]. Total 2750 mg

Product name:Andropen BD (5 Way Test) 275mg/25ml Producer: British Dragon Contains: 5 Way Test Blend

Andropen 275 British Dragon is recognized as an effective medication that promotes ... Methanabol 10mg 200tabs BD Methanabol 10mg 500tabs BD Methanabol 50mg 100tabs BD


BD andropen 275 ... any1 here have any real experience with the british dragon andropen 275

BD Andropen 275? ... Has anyone (with an intelligent post record) used British Dragon Andropen 275?

Andropen 275 is a combination of five of testosterones. The presence of the acetate ester ... have seen is heavily tinted yellow and I have read mixed reviews about bd products ...

Andropen 275 British Dragon ... Plain packaging for your privacy Holograms on each product which guarantees that it comes

Andropen 275 Testosterone blend 10 ml / Vial,Anabolic steroids price list.Prices of ... 75mg/ml, 10ml vial Stanabol 10mg (Stanozolol) BD Stanabol 10mg (Stanozolol) BD ...

Andropen 275 Andropen 275 is a five-ester blend of testosterone produced by British ... bd products are mostly fake as well. these boys are right. hey strength, when did ...

... post on another board about this, I have a buddy that has a 25 ML bottle of BD Andropen ... My buddy was taking test prop of the 25ml and his test levels trippled. A friend ...

... out that BD andropen and what we put out today is exactly the same BD Andropen ... I have went through 1 25ml vial of Andropen.. I have to say, this is easily some of the ...

Andropen 275 Boldabol 200 Decabol 250 Mastabol 100 Primobol 100 Stanabol 50 Testabol cyp 200 Testabol enan 250 Testabol prop 100 Trenabol 75 Tri Tren 150 Trenabol 200

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