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Best song I've ever heard, nothing beats it.. Rohat shaad Ahmad Zahir.

this is a song i always love reminds me of old times :)

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afghan singer-omar adim-when you say you love me - Also sings in farsi ... AHMAD ZAHIR - KHUDA BOWAD YAARET

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New Homayoun Sakhi Rabab Music - Khuda Bowad Hamrahet 2010 (06:19) New Homayoun Sakhi Rabab Music - Khuda Bowad Hamrahet. Tags: New, Homayoun, Sakhi,

Bowad labrize ishqat wojodam Mayhan hay mayhan Agar mastam agar hoshyaar agar khawbam agar bidar Basoye ro bood roye sjodam Mayhan hay mayhan To bodam kardi az nabodi wa bah ...

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Khoda bowad yaret : Ahmad Zahir: Laily laily jan jan ma ra koshty : Ahmad Zahir: Ay jan man asert : Ahmad Wali: Mah e man imshab chora : Angama

Bowad rag ragam pur ze khoonat Ze tu hamchu gul ishq o bar dil Agar dar khazaan yaa baharam Submitted by: Sahar: Send this page to a friend Add to favourites

Afghanistan national anthem 1992-1999, 2002-2006 info

Description : Best song I've ever heard, nothing beats it.. Rohat shaad Ahmad Zahir. Tags : ahmad, zahir, khuda, bowad, yaret, farsi, music, afghanistan, persian

So on this important day we raise our hands in prayer and say Khoda Bowad Hamrait, Quran posht o pana hait. Ameen! We bring to you a project close to our heart.