Brno Vz24


The Iranian Brno rifles saw action in a number of places from tribal uprisings in Kurdistan to the coup removing Mohammad Mossadegh from power.

The rifles made in Brno, the Czechoslovakian model, are known as VZ24 (for Vzor24, or model24 in Czech language) and had the word Brno imprinted on them.

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There were some other markings on the VZ24s as well, FABRICA CHECOSLOVACA DE ARMAS SA BRNO( on South American arms), ZBROJOVKA BRNO A.S. VZ24.

I have a VZ24 rifle I would like to know more about. It is 43 quot; OAL and completly lacking blueing ( scrubbed ? ). Reciever is marked CESKOSLOVENSKA ZBROJOVKA,A.S,BRNO VZ24.

From what i understand the Vz24's action is an exact copy of the Mauser 98. Is this the case? I have a chance to pick


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What is the age and value of a ceskoslovenska zbrojovka brno model vz24 in 30-06 cal ser 3--- x3?

Note: I had written a rather long post, with much more information than in this post ... After looking at the posted thread I guess so much for the quot;long story short ...

Brno Czech VZ24 7mm Mauser rifle Gunsmith Special Listed by: SOVEREIGN GUNS Listing started: 2010-11-20 20:18:58 Listing ended: 2010-11-21 20:18:58 details

not ur ordinary 8mm mauser. its a 7x57(7mm) vz24 mauser Ceskoslovenska ZBROJOVKA BRNO

What is age and value ceskoslovenska zbrojovka brno 270 cal vz24?

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