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Rohm anavar tested Anavar made by ... definately g2g ( pro chem labs and ROHM.) All You Wanted to Know About Steroids but Were Afraid to

R.O.H.M Labs is still up and running again. We have some pics taken by Mara132. Their range of products is listed below. Rohm Masteron 100 Rohm Multi-Ester Tren

A lot of guys on here use ROHM labs. Not heard of any complaints. Its as it say's on ... I thought the raw materials came from Lapland, Dear santa can I have 1000 anavar ...

Decided to start my next course decided to try Rohm Labs, and i am very shocked indeed ... rohm labs anavar

Any more reviews on pro chem labs lads??? Is it good stuff??? ... pro-chem gear is notably cheaper than rohm ... that this stuff is bad i have seen the 5mg anavar ...

I am on ROHM 50mg ones mate.. its my first cycle, and today is ma 4th ... [Review] 50mg Britanic Labs Anavar [Review] 50mg Britanic Labs Anavar



? about rohm's anavar. and batches? also prochem 01 November 2011 ... Only people with inside knowledge or who have contacts with the lab I mean labs ...

Steroids and other drugs | If a 21 year old athlete who trains very hard in strength and plyos and speed were to take a 7 weeks cycle of anavar what d - Page 1

... steroid, Anavar is well tolerated by all users. From the DHT family, Anavar is ... Anavar Reviews; Anavar Cycle; Anavar Dosages; Anavar For Women; Anavar Results; Anavar Info

1 week anavar results and question on Superclen .5mg clenbuterol + 10 mg ketotifen. Anabolic Steroids

... but again your getting into a situation with these labs ... wildcat 9.5/10- as far as i know, no pips, no bad reviews ... kane can i ask how you rate the axio and rohm aswell?

Generic Supplements Anavar; Pro Chem Labs Boldenone; vials sust en deca 0rganon; Testo Cypionate Euro Pharmaceuticals; Deca-Durabolin Euro Pharmaceuticals

I've been reading lots of reviews on here, about Lixus ... product from the prochem line imo is the 50mg anavar ... about lixus from someone that was rooting for rohm labs.

Supplement Reviews; Diet Tips; Diet amp; Fitness Forum ... known as Underground Lab produced steroids; these labs ... Anavar (Oxandrolone-5mgs).50cents - $1/tab: 45-90cents /tab

i can get 50mg ROHM anavar in an all other ROHM gear also wildcat an they are both quality i can promise you that.

hi mate how much for anavar also can you get the 50mg tabs? thanks ... mate gettin it off the right person i am seein me mates gains 6 wks in an the rohm ...

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