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Get to know host Shivan Sarna. Check her programming show schedule to watch her on HSN TV.

Shivan Sarna on HSN It was a life and soul affirming event. Everyone needs some wind in the sails every now and then. This is going to keep me lifted for a long time!

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Find business contact information for Shivan Sarna, Host, Home Shopping Network and see work history, affiliations and more.

Sometimes the stars do align. I recently read my e-mail and did a double take. It was an invite from the Head of Communications and Public Relations at the

Turquoise was one of the first gems ever to be used in jewelry over 3,000 years ago. Can you just imagine seeing that magical color peeking out at you from


Get to know host Shivan Sarna. Check her programming show schedule to watch her on HSN TV.

What the Asterisks Mean: * Possible Alerts to look out for. ** Airing later in the week. A Sure thing, but people have plenty of time to prepare themselves.

Shivan Sarna, Home Shopping Network Inc of Home Shopping Network Inc''s information - including email, business address, business phone, biography, title, company ...

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Host at HSN, Graduate Gemologist (GIA) Power Shopper/Saver - Sign up for Twitter to follow Shivan Sarna (@Shivansarna).

Shivan Sarna Enterprises, Incorporated has a location in Dunedin, FL. Active officers include Linda Bennett, Shivan S. Sarna and David Desrosiers. Shivan Sarna ...

The name Shivan is Indian, and Sarna is Indian. Shivan is only Irish when you spell it Siobhan. Shivan's father was from India, and her mother was Irish.

Lynn Murphy is 41. Marlo Smith is 39. Rachel Huber is 39. Shannon Smith is 45. Shivan Sarna is 43. Suzanne Runyan is ??. Tamara Hooks is 42.

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