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Amateur Radio, electronics, vhf, uhf, antenna, RF This transverter was created by me (YO5PBG) just before moving to Bucharest (for more than 3 years) and cancelling all my HAM "operations", in november 2004. It was hardly-designed to achieve good performance, solid state and easy to use eq Today, trying to update this website, i encountered a big technical bug, regarding the platform on which is running. Now I must "redo" somehow some lost work. Last database backup was made on 15 december 2008. Sorry, Adrian I never used QRO , i mean more than 10 watts. Oh no, i did. I did it, but without any satisfaction. I used 100W to 2KW and hi-gain antennas from the local radioclub (YO5KAD), but only when I was borred and wanted to make a QSO on HF from the club. An Sometimes is good to signal the end of your transmision, not by words, but rapidly with the help of a beep. I once used a "K" tone generator for this, but when I encountered those ultrafast QSO's in 6m Sporadic E or F2 Propagation, i wanted This transceiver was conceived years ago, when I was 19 years old. It was intended for a local and quite private network (just me and another HAM had 6m equipement in this part of Romania in 2002) between me and a friend who was new in amateur radio. It's not just a global monetary-system crisis. It's also my crisis. I would like to sleep, only. To dream, only. That's why I cannot concentrate on any project very well right now. This year was a big challenge in my life, but i realize that this yea I just finished the "digital style" design of the most of the block digram units for the planned S902 All mode Multiband Transceiver . The next step is to show you the IF-AF and LO Units Block Diagrams, of course a.s.a.p. Click this image t For those interested in my All Mode / All Band Transceiver , this is the basic block diagram . Description and roadmap for S902 (code name) Transceiver is available here. Number of units could be larger, until the project will be finished. For exampl Two cases of polish 300MHz old industrial ( Unitra/Radmor ) transceivers available. Two hands. Of my own. I decided that this two cases coupled somehow could be a single one. The one for my planned "all mode / all band" transceiver for 2009 From about two weeks is experiencing some server problems so, I will move the site and DNS to another server at the hosting company request. This operation is shedulled for today, but the complete migration could take longer than a day. S

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