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Welcome!!... The VNWA is a Vector Network Analyser - also known as VNA, developed by Tom Baier DG8SAQ over many years which offers accurate results up to 500 MHz with ... . DG8SAQ Vector Network Analyser - VNWA Description. Updated 20th September 2011. DG8SAQ Vector Network Analyzer - VNWA 3 is now shipping typically ...

DG8SAQ VNWA2.x / VNWA3 Information. VNA Kit covering 0...1300 MHz ham radio spectrum analyzer analyser vector networkanalyzer low cost USB . contact:

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VNWA, by Tom Baier, DG8SAQ. Tom has added parallel port support for the N2PK VNA plus support for his own VNA in his VNWA program. Make sure that you read Tom's help ...

the implementation of N2PK VNA in the DG8SAQ software, with respect to using the MyVNA driver and whatever software involved does not work identical in the MyVNA Basic ...


Homepage of Tom DG8SAQ. Network Analyzers . VNWA 2+ Single board 1 kHz ... 1.3 GHz VNWA (NEW!): VNWA 1.0: Homebrew Vector Networkanalyzer from AF to UHF

DG8SAQ Project links : ... standard, which will be tested when I have access to a professional VNA.

This design for a Vector Network Analyser was developed by Thomas Baier DG8SAQ over several years. The current design titled A Small, Simple, USB-Powered ...

46 Mar/Apr 2007 University of Applied Sciences Prittwitzstre 10 89075 Ulm, Germany A Low Budget Vector Network yzer for AF to UHF

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Tomas Baier, DG8SAQ, has a software called VNWA that he wrote for VNA of his own design, but that software also supports N2PK VNA hardware. Currently there is no problems ...

I have DIYed a vector network analyzer. My original plan is to make a VNA from 50MHz to 2 ... I took the easy way and built an N2PK VNA; I'm now considering a DG8SAQ VNA.

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While the VNA takes a sample of the current (I), the voltage (V) transformer is ... but using different connector - SMA or N type will yeld better accuracy with DG8SAQ VNWA.

TAPR VNA Up to 100 MHz. Dual DDS, directional coupler, 2xAD8302 detectors. ... wider frequency range (up to 1 GHz) and is using alias frequencies (as in the DG8SAQ ...

DJ9CS Antenna Analyzer AD8302 Datasheet (VNA on a Chip) N2PK VNA A Small, Simple, USB Powered Vector Network Analyzer DG8SAQ Network Analyzer

This page is devoted to the construction of my VNWA 2.6 Kit designed by Tom DG8SAQ and distributed by SDR-kits. These are some of the characteristics of this VNA:

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