WebToPicture is the easiest way to get websites thumbnail. With his API you can get rich content to be used in your website.

How I can implement it on my website

WebtoPicture.com API is free to use*, you only need to pass two parameters to the URL bellow:

About the two parameters

{your-desired-url} is the mandatory URL that you want to make a thumb from. Example: www.webtopicture.com (without http://)

{size} is the size, possible values are: s, for small; m; for medium; l for large; xl for extra-large.

Processing queued

If the thumb you wish to generate is not in our current database, it will be queued for retrieval, returning a "Comming Soon" thumb.

Premium Services

*The API only allow you to make 10k requests by day. If you will make more request, please contact us to let us send you a quote.